Re-releasing Aggregating Global Content

How’s your summer? Busy? Hot? Here in our office we’ve been putting our heads together over how to make things better. And one of those things was making one of our ebooks all new and revamped. We even changed the title! Still means the same, now with less boring.

Aggregating Global Content will now be known as Network Home Pages. Already purchased it? No worries, you’re still in the same group (must be logged in), AND you get access to the newly revamped ebook in the downloads section (must be logged in) of the product’s support area. And? We’ve now bundled Network Home Pages with Custom Registration and WP Curator, so previous purchasers get free upgrades to BOTH of those groups. Cool beans!

Also? We added a nifty plugin that makes a very organized home page layout of each site in your network with the latest posts from that site – just like I have on my personal network at, and that many people have asked how to do.

Is it hot in here? *whew*