WP Multisite Replicator

Are you running a network of sites / multisite in WordPress? Have you ever wanted to take one of the sub sites and copy it over to a newly created sub site, in the same network?

This plugin allows you to replicate or copy any subsite on the network. You can choose from a list of the first 100 sites you’ve already created to replicate that site in its entirety. You can also pick a default site to clone upon new site creation, so when a user signs up, everything will be set up the way you want it to be. It will copy all posts, pages, tags, categories, plugin options, theme options and more – including custom menus, custom post types and taxonomies – duplicating a blog into a new site in your network..

  • Duplicate one site to a new site in the same network
  • Copies widgets, theme & plugin settings
  • Can set up template site for new sites to be created from
  • Saves a huge amount of setup time!

Admin screen for Replicator. Click for bigger.

Once you set up a site to your liking, enable the themes and plugins, set up your widgets, and write your default content, choosing that template site is easy from the admin screen.

Replicator option filled in. One click and the site is copied to a new site in the same network. Click for bigger.

And you can copy any subsite in the network to a new subsite – at any time.

Support is via the Replicator support group. Please sign up after purchase and request an invite using the invite button on that page.

More questions? Check the FAQ.

$35.95 includes the plugin, ebook and support. Purchase

Note: this is not a backup plugin. It will not transfer sites from one install to another. It will not copy a site from one network to another. It will not move one site in a network to a single install. It is only to replicate a site in one network so new sites have all the same settings.

Other Exceptions:

  • it will not copy the main site
  • comments are not copied
  • the tagline is filled in with the default
  • user are not copied
  • settings/images for themes using Timthumb are not replicated properly