Have you ever wanted the ability to assign a child site to a child site? Now you can using Networks +. This plugin provides the interface to set up another network of sites within the install you already have. You may choose to run this additional network off a different domain entirely or a subdomain – it’s very flexible.

Networks+ allows you to have:

  • two or more networks in one install
  • nested subdomains
  • top-level domains with their own child sites
  • share users, plugins and themes between them all

(Note: if you are just looking to enable the network in WordPress, there’s a FREE EBOOK right here.)

Networks+ – Purchase

The networks will continue to share plugins and themes. So, you can have with user blogs/sites, and also with user blogs/sites, all living within one installation. In fact, we have a network install at Rennick Media, and we created a second network for personal sites at All in one codebase.

There are many combinations and permutations of URL schemes you can come up with. For example,
one client we had wanted, where the city sites were visible blogs, and the
state sites were also visible. This provides three levels (domain, subdomain and sub­subdomain) of
blogs/sites in the entire network. Each state was created as a new network.

Support is via the Networks + support group. Please sign up and request an invite.

More questions? Check the FAQ.

Networks+ – Purchase