Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the FAQs ma’am.

How to buy

To purchase an ebook and the accompanying plugin, just visit the product’s page, find the Add to Cart button, and you will be redirected to ejunkie to complete the transaction with Paypal. You will receive emails with the products download link.


The license for the plugin code is GPL, which allows you the purchaser the freedom to use on as many client sites as you see fit, as well as to alter the code if you wish to do so.


We try our hardest to keep upgrades to a minimum and work hard to ensure the plugins are bug-free as possible. If any upgrades are needed or new features are added, the zip will also be in the appropriate support forum.

Version supported

Each item is tested with the latest version of WordPress. All of the items featured here are meant to be run with the network enabled in WordPress 3.0 and higher.