wordpress mu sitewide tags

This plugin creates a new blog on your server for all the posts on your site, much like http://wordpress.com/tags/

For performance reasons the number of posts is limited to a user configurable amount, and the blog itself can be made indexable by search engines or not.


  1. Install in your plugins directory in the usual way and network activate the plugin. There is no need to put it in mu-plugins.
  2. Login as a site administrator and go to Super Admin->Sitewide Tags.
    1. “Tags blog” defaults to “tags” but can be anything. This is the blog where your sitewide posts will live. It will be created if it doesn’t exist.
    2. Check “Post to main blog” to use your main blog as the tags blog.
    3. “Max posts” defaults to 5000. Older posts will be deleted if this threshold is broken.
    4. Check “Include Pages” to include both posts and pages, handy for making a sitewide search.
    5. “Privacy” defaults to public, pages can be indexed by search engines.
    6. When “Privacy” is not public, check “Non-Public Blogs” to include blogs not indexed by search engines.
    7. Add “Post Meta” custom fields to be copied with posts/pages.
    8. “Populate Posts” allows you to fill in posts from an existing blog.


Latest version: Download wordpress mu sitewide tags v0.4.2 [zip]



  • duplicate category fix
  • page permalink fix
  • thumbnail size filter

  • Run populate feature in source blog context.
  • Added resource warning for populate feature.
  • Fixed PHP warnings.
  • Only insert categories for published posts.


  • Move SWT admin to its own screen.
  • Added thumbnail support.
  • Added custom taxonomy (including post formats) support.
  • Update admin screens for WordPress 3.1.

  • Bug fix – only push published content to the tags blog


  • Added option to include pages in tags blog.
  • Added option to include non search engine indexed blogs if tags blog not indexed.
  • Added option for post meta to be copied with post.