Free Plugins

  • BP Blog Author Link

    This plugin changes the blog author links on a buddypress site to link to the author's buddypress member profile.

  • Genesis Simple Menus

    With Genesis, Simple Menus allows you to select a WP menu for secondary navigation on posts, pages, categories, tags or custom taxonomies.

  • Network Nginx Proxy Cache Purge

    Event driven and on demand Nginx front end proxy cache purge utility.

  • Network Privacy

    Adds more privacy options to both single Wordpress sites and WordPress networks.

  • plugin premium package manager for wp-networks

    Lightweight plugin, menu and premium package manager for WordPress networks.

  • Post Gallery Widget

    A rotating gallery widget using a custom post type for gallery content.

  • Promotion Box for Genesis

    This plugin allows you to add a promotion box after a single post in Genesis.

  • Shardb

    Implements a MD5 hash based multiple database sharding structure for WordPress network blog tables.

  • wordpress mu sitewide tags

    A central area where all the posts on a WordPress MU or WordPress MS site can be collected.

  • WordPress MU Theme Stats

    Adds theme usage statistics within your network, shows themes by user and most popular themes.