We have an ever-growing selection of ebook and bundled plugins to help you manage your multisite install or perform specific helpful functions.

Enable Multisite – a FREE ebook covering how to create a network in WordPress, thus enabling multisite.

Curator – allows super admin to hand select specific posts from across the network, and promote them to the main page of the site.

Custom Registration – allows you to have signups to sub sites of the network. Includes templates.

Network Home Pages – shows how to pull content from across the network using a number of plugins, some free and some bundled with the ebook.

Professional Domain Mapping – easier plugins and handy guide to domain mapping.

Networks+ – when you want your sub-sites to have sub-sites.

Network Roles – give a user a specific role on all sites.

Replicator – Make a sub site to use as a template, then use this plugin to copy that site to a new site in the network.

SharDB Installation Guide – at some point, your network may be big enough to scale the databases. this installation guide shows you how to set up the free SharDB plugin.