Summer Sale!

Well it’s hot enough we can start opening the office windows and let the cool summer breeze blow in. Up here in the wilds of Canada the trees are in full leaf, my tulips came up and it looks like the long cold finger of winter is dead for a few months.

We thought we’d help out a little with your fall plans and building networks by giving you a head start. Use these coupons for multiple purchases:

SUMMER2X10 – buy at least two items, get 10% off.

SUMMER3X15 – buy 3 items and get 15% off.

SUMMER4X20 – buy 4 or more items and get 20% off!

WP Curator now available

Our latest plugin and ebook is called WP Curator, which allows super admins to hand select specific posts in a network and promote them to the main site. If you’ve ever been to the front page of, you’ll see they have hand selected posts from across their network.

This is one way it can be done – with the WP Curator plugin. Once activated, it shows a “promote post” link only to super admins. This way, when surfing your network for excellent content, you can reward your users by highlighting them on the very front of your site. How you format those posts when they get there is totally up to you. You can also use any theme you like – no need to switch to a new theme. We’ve even included some code snippets to use with the Genesis Theme Framework and its child themes.

In fact, has been so successful, they recently launched three separate site showcases featuring posts in three different categories: FoodPress, EcoPressed, and PopPressed.

This plugin requires WordPress 3.1+ with multisite enabled. Get it here, and have fun!

New ebook for SharDB

Our next ebook has just been released and is the SharDB Installation Guide. SharDB is a free plugin that lets you scale your single database for multisite into 16, 256 or 4096 databases.

This is a little different than our other ebooks, as support will be given in the forums, the price point is lower, and the plugin will need to be downloaded separately from the WordPress plugin repository.

Updated for 3.1

WordPress 3.1 was released yesterday, and both our domain mapping plugin and the replicator have been updated and released. Find them in the support area for paid customers.

Also, for customers we have an affiliate program. While logged in to the site, you’ll see an affiliates page with more information.

Thank you so much for your continued support. ๐Ÿ™‚

Price increase on January 15h

Here at wpebooks we will be increasing prices slightly effective on Saturday January 15th, 2011. This is in order to better serve you, the customer.

So if there were some you were interested in, you should definitely pick them up this week, before the price increase. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are also hard at work updating everything for WordPress 3.1, adding some new features / improvements and updating the ebooks to not only reflect those changes, but to add new additional instructions as well. *whew*

Network Roles beta

Our latest plugin needs a beta test, so we thought we’d do something a little different. You can purchase the plugin for HALF PRICE while it is in beta. As far as we can tell, it works perfectly fine, we just haven’t been able to test it in all situations. So, give it a whirl, have fun and please report back to us.

I also did a handy screencast.

Network Roles allows the super admin to assign specific users a particular role across all blogs in the network. Get it here for $24.95

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Making awesome Network home pages

I’ve been working on this e-book for a long time, and finally decided to just release it already. Aggregating global Content will show you how to set up the home page and some other pages on the main site in your WordPress network. It goes over how to install and set up the sitewide tags plugin, and there’s also some handy extra widgets included.

This ebook is really affordable and a great first step for anyone new to the multisite feature and setting up their own network. Read the sales page for more details.

How to enable multisite in WordPress

Do you have questions about how to enable multisite in WordPress? Lost? Since WordPress 3.0, admins have been able to walk through a few steps and create a network of sites within one installation. If you have ever wanted to do this, it can be fairly daunting if you have never managed multiple sites before. That’s why I created this easy to follow ebook to walk you through it – complete with screen shots.

Click this link to download —> [download id=”1″]

The best part? It’s totally free. I’m not even asking you to sign up for a mailing list. Once you’ve mastered this, you may also want to take a look at the other ebooks and plugins we offer to help manage your new network.

Now updated for 3.1 to show the new Network Admin area.

Need it on the Kindle? Now you can, for the low cost of $0.99. Create a Network with WordPress Multisite


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Looking for hte next steps with multisite? Get Ipstenu’s Multisite 101 ebook!

Professional Domain Mapping released

One that many people were waiting for, we’ve finally released our Professional Domain Mapping plugin and ebook. At $24.95 as a one-time purchase price, we think this is a steal. Included, of course, is an extensive eleven page ebook with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your server for multiple domains with one install of WordPress, using the new network feature in 3.0.

This is the exact same ones we’ve used on our own installs for both Ron and Andrea and WPMU Tutorials.