We’re still here

Sorry everyone, we’re still here. The plugins still work, the paypal issue mentioned in the last post (so long ago) had been resolved within a couple of weeks.

If you need the latest copies of any plugins, please login and go to the downloads tab under each sub-forum. There is a list in each for the latest updated files.

Thank you for your patience.

Frozen account

For the second time in less than 4 months Paypal has frozen our account. Over the next couple weeks we will be looking at alternative payment processors. The first time this happened I was able to contact customer support and get someone there to reverse the transaction and close the “fraud prevention” case. Andrea & I don’t have any plans to repeat this performance every 4 months so we are opting to let the process run its course over the next few weeks to months.

In the mean time we have removed the shopping cart links from all our product pages. Given it’s a four day weekend here and a short work week next week, it may be a couple weeks before we have sorted something out with another payment processor. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Unfortunately, your affiliate payment is stuck in our Paypal account. Once we work through the “fraud prevention” resolution process, we will issue the affiliate payments for March 2012.

3.3 is out – you’re good to go

WordPress 3.3 was released into the wild last night and the biggest question on people’s mind is “Will my plugins break?”

Not ours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to update.

Eating our own dog food

Somewhat an unappetizing but often used phrase within a lot of development communities, here at WPeBooks we’re fans of eating our own dog food too.

In short, this means we use the products we develop. WPeBooks is just one of our properties; we also run a successful network install offering free blogs for homeschoolers.

As anyone who has used multisite to host blogs for others has realized, it can quickly become a target for spammers signing up for hundreds of blogs, auto-posting thousands of posts. Cleaning it up can be messy, laborious and painfully boring. Stopping them can be akin to sticking your finger in a crack in a dam.

So one of the things we did on Homeschooljournal.net was install the Custom Registration plugin, creating a special custom signup page off the main site. Nothing fancy. This was in late July.

After a month or so, we checked the stats for August.

13 splogs had signed themselves up manually using the new form, in addition to a number of legitimate new users. Using the snack bar plugin and monitoring the sitewide feed, I was able to quickly mark them as spam as soon as I found them.

When Ron checked the access logs, however, we were amazed.

Approximately 750 spam blog signup attempts were made. In August. And blocked.

It’s hard to determine a legitimate signup from a spammer sitting there filling out the form manually, so we’ve come up with something that may work and over the next month or so we’ll be testing that out. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

500th sale

Just before we went to WordCamp Montreal, we announced on Twitter only that we were holding an impromptu contest for our 500th sale. Then we kept a careful eye on sales, and noted the 500th.

I’ve just emailed the winner, who can out himself in the comments if he wishes, but he not only gets his sale refunded, we also gave him access to all the products currently listed.

We’d like to thank the winner for their support, and all of you reading along. No idea when we’ll run another contest, but we certainly will again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Re-releasing Aggregating Global Content

How’s your summer? Busy? Hot? Here in our office we’ve been putting our heads together over how to make things better. And one of those things was making one of our ebooks all new and revamped. We even changed the title! Still means the same, now with less boring.

Aggregating Global Content will now be known as Network Home Pages. Already purchased it? No worries, you’re still in the same group (must be logged in), AND you get access to the newly revamped ebook in the downloads section (must be logged in) of the product’s support area. And? We’ve now bundled Network Home Pages with Custom Registration and WP Curator, so previous purchasers get free upgrades to BOTH of those groups. Cool beans!

Also? We added a nifty plugin that makes a very organized home page layout of each site in your network with the latest posts from that site – just like I have on my personal network at AtypicaLife.net, and that many people have asked how to do.

Is it hot in here? *whew*

Montreal here we come!

Ron and I are headed to WordCamp Montreal a few days early, for a couple extra days of vacation. As such, support will be light. We’ll still have access to email during some parts of the day. You’ll be able to follow our progress and see any real-time notices on my Twitter account.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. ๐Ÿ™‚

Updates for WordPress 3.2

I’ve check all of our WP eBooks plugins and they all work with WP 3.2 without needing an update. I did release two new versions yesterday:

  • WP Replicator – fixed a couple warnings (props Shane & Peter) & added a filter for the options that the replicator skip during the replication process.
  • Networks+ – added some hooks and filters. I’ll explain these in a forum post in the support group.

Andrea & I are technically on vacation (for the next week+) and there may be longer delays before we get to your support questions. Enjoy WordPress 3.2 ๐Ÿ™‚

Promotions for Genesis

A few months back we added a promotions box to our theme on WP “Must-Use” Tutorials. Until today, the promotion has been handled by a template file that we added to the theme. Every time we change the promotion, we had to edit the theme. Since we moved the site to a new server in March, that has required logging in via SSH and editing the template with a text editor.

Since WordPress 3.0 was released I’ve built 10-20 plugins using custom post types. Once you are familiar with the API for them, they’re very quick and easy to create. So, I’ve built a Promotion Box plugin for Genesis which you can download here.

You can see it in action below.

New general support area

We just realized that we did not have any public support area for pre-sale questions or general questions users would not mind in public. So, over the weekend I quickly created our new General Support area.

If you’re a fellow member, I’d like to encourage you to ask or even answer questions to help each other. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re not yet signed up as a member, feel free to do so and get a glimpse of what support is like in the private groups.