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  • Profile picture of James Hu James Hu said 4 years, 10 months ago:


    I have purchased the network+ plugin. The paypal email is not the id I login here.

    Please add me into the network+ group. Thanks!

    ps: the paypal sn is: 1381e13kxdk6i89do46e044f8k4ck0o4sscs08o

  • Profile picture of andrea andrea said 4 years, 10 months ago:

    You’re in there now.

  • Profile picture of nsbp001 nsbp001 said 3 years, 1 month ago:

    I am trying to create a BP community for 4 different, but related, organizations. For branding purposes each organization needs its own domain name, but I want the entire user base for the 4 different communities to share common user, site and BP data tables as I want everyone to be able to see, friend, join forums, groups, etc at-will across the 4 domains.

    I am thinking of using one masterdomain, i.e., + 4 user domains that are actually sub-domains of the respective organizations, i.e.,

    No user would be assigned to (except its superadmin). Rather all users would be assigned to one of the user domains. For branding purposes I would rather have subfolder URLs than subdomain ones, i..e, vice and

    I would also like to have home page for each user domain per per

    And I need the solution to be scalable in that I can add new user domains as I go along if other organizations join the network, i.e.,

    Will the Network+ allow me to do this and allow me to assign users to the user domains as we go along?