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support area for everyone including pre-sale

Just bought Networks+ Please add to support group (2 posts)

  • Profile picture of Tatiana Tatiana said 2 years, 10 months ago:

    As the title says–I just bought the plugin, and attempted to register using same email as my paypal ( Never got an activation email, so tried again with my hotmail email. That one worked, but when I click ‘request membership’ for the Networks+ forum, it doesn’t do anything.

    Would be nice if some kind of basic documentation came with the plugin so we can use ‘out of the box’ so to speak. I assumed I would just have to ‘network activate’ and be able to figure it out from there, but that is not the case. :(

    I have multisite already installed, and some of my subsites set up with domain mapping. What I want to do is set up the ability to create subnetworks within those other domains. From the description, Networks+ seems to be what I need. Do I need to delete my current subsites and re-set them up through Networks+, or …? I’m early enough in my setup that I can do that, as I have not began intensively adding content. Would like to get this done so that I can get to that point though. :)

  • Profile picture of ronr ronr said 2 years, 10 months ago:

    I apologize for the delay. The notification for your post was in my email spam folder. I’ve added you to the Networks+ group.